Employee Relocation - UK and Worldwide

HCR Employee Relocation

HCR Group is one of the UK's largest and most successful companies providing UK and International Employee Relocation, together with property related services. In 2012, HCR was awarded the title "Relocation Management Company of the Year".

brochure banner relocationOur success is built on a solid foundation of service excellence which focuses on the needs of the individual; our relocation services are tailored to meet each person's specific circumstances. These foundations are supported by our strong culture of driving real value from our extensive supply-chain and our unique network of Local Area Consultants.

We pride ourselves on our innovations in new products and enhanced service, on our financial strength and prudence, and the outstanding talent of our loyal staff. With 30 years' experience managing permanent and short-term home searches, of providing accommodation and caring for our clients employees, we're experts in looking after people before, during and after their move - wherever in the world that may be.  

     Successfully Providing Corporate Relocation Services Since 1982